Event Details

Tax Committee Round Table

July 10, 2012


Join us for Tax Roundtable at 12 noon until 1 p.m., ASCPA office, on Tuesday, July 10.  Bring your brown bag lunch, tax questions & answers.

SPECIAL MEETING NOTICE: The July 10, Tax Roundtable will be a teleconference meeting with IRS Stakeholder Liaisons Mike Cvikovic and Kristen Hoiby. This is your chance to discuss your "Procedural Issues" only.

They will not be able to address any specific questions we have.  However, we will be able to share our experiences with them on administrative difficulties we have had with the IRS (i.e. their current recording cuts off every time it is about to tell you what number to press for business, etc., or that the agents mumble their name and ID number when they first get on the line and we always have to ask them to repeat it, or that our clients keep getting the same canned letter when a response has been sent but the IRS does not respond to that letter).