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County Auditor - listed July 2, 2019


Collin County
McKinney, TX


Human Resources

Job Description

Collin County is seeking exceptional candidates for the director level position of County Auditor. Upon appointment by the District Judges, the County Auditor is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the financial administration of Collin County and ensuring compliance with all state laws relating to county finance and the role of County Auditor. This position prepares and administers accounting records for all county funds, audits records and accounts of the various county departments, verifies the validity and legality of all county disbursements, and forecasts financial data for budgetary formulation purposes. The position also includes general oversight of the county’s financial operations and reports the county’s financial circumstances to the Commissioners Court.

Responsible for all duties prescribed by statute, including but not limited to:

•Recording deposits of funds and examining financial reports received by commissioners court
•Counting or examining money and accounts on deposit with treasurer without notice
•Requesting and receiving reports or other financial information from other county officials
•Providing general oversight of all books and records of the county related to the collection of money
•Strictly enforcing laws concerning county finances
•Accessing and reviewing financial accounts of commissioners court and other departments for accuracy
•Examining reports on money paid to commissioners court
•Examining and approving claims, bills and accounts against the county before submission to commissioners court
•Adhering to statutory requisites for approval of claims
•Keeping an account of all monies accruing and examining financial accounts of county departments
•Auditing all financial accounts of county and district offices
•Conducting independent audits
•With approval from commissioners court, establishing procedures for the administration of an electronic funds transfer system for the payment of salaries, compensation, and reimbursement to officers and employees
•Keeping a register of all orders for payment issued by judges or clerks on county treasury
•Maintaining general books which show all transactions of county relating to accounts, contracts, indebtedness, receipts, and disbursements
•Providing monthly and annual reports to commissioners court and district judges
•Prescribing systems of accounting; determining time and manner for reports
•Maintaining an account of all monies accruing to offices and examining such accounts
•Preparing estimates of revenues and expenses for commissioners court for budget purposes
•Certifying to commissioners court receipt of all public or private grant or aid money.
Performs other duties as assigned.

The ability to effectively and professionally interact with individuals and departments within the county as well as individuals outside the county, such as vendors, various state and federal agencies, or those who belong to a professional or peer organization is required. Interactions may involve providing explanations for processes and often require a high level of tact, patience, and the ability to deal with contentious or difficult individuals. This position is responsible for a department of approximately 30 people and is directly responsible for making personnel decisions including hiring, firing, disciplinary actions, and performance reviews.
Candidates must meet minimum requirements as outlined in Local Government Code Title 3, Chapter 84.006 (a) 1 – 3
Sec. 84.006. QUALIFICATIONS. (a) A county auditor must be:
(1) a competent accountant with at least two years' experience in auditing and accounting;
(2) thoroughly competent in public business details; and
(3) a person of unquestionably good moral character and intelligence.

In addition to the above, must have a Bachelor’s degree Accounting, Business Administration, Finance or a related field and a minimum 7 years accounting and/or audit experience, preferably in a county government environment, to include at least 4 years of supervisory experience. A Texas Association of Counties Certified Investment Officer designation is required. Must take oath and make bond within 20 days of appointment. Experience and proficiency using Odyssey, Munis, and E-Agenda software is preferred.

Workplace and Benefits
Collin County offers a fast-paced working environment, tuition reimbursement, and a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and long and short-term disability. Retirement benefits have an excellent employer match.


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