Making the Best of Bad Situations Webcast [BADX]

Dec 27, 2022
Time: 7:00am-3:00pm



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Discussion Leader:

Arthur Joseph Werner, J.D., M.S.    more info

Arthur Joseph Werner, JD, MS (Taxation), is the president and is a shareholder in the lecture firm of
Werner-Rocca Seminars, Ltd. Mr. Werner’s lecture topic specialties include business, tax, financial and
estate planning for high net worth individuals. In addition, Mr. Werner is a former adjunct professor of taxation in the Master of Science in Taxation program at the Philadelphia University. Mr. Werner received his B.S. in Accounting and his M.S. in Taxation from Widener University. He holds a J.D. in Law from the Delaware Law School. Mr. Werner lectures extensively in the areas of Estate Planning, Financial Planning, and Estate and Gift Taxation to Certified Public Accountants and Financial Planners and has presented more than 3000 eight-hour seminars over the past twenty-five years as well as numerous webinars and video presentations. Mr. Werner has been rated as having the highest speaker knowledge in his home state of Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants, was awarded the AICPA Outstanding Discussion Leader Award in the State of Nevada, the Florida Institute of CPAs Outstanding Discussion Leader Award, and the South Carolina Association of CPAs Outstanding Discussion Leader Award.

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Full Description

Making the Best of Bad Situations Webcast (BADX)

December 27th, 2022 / 7:00 am 3:00 pm Alaska Time

This course helps the practitioner understand planning considerations and potential problems when certain bad situations happen to his/her client. This course will explore a variety of bad situations and provide the practitioner an understanding of the tax and non-tax circumstances to be considered when advising a client who is experiencing a bad situation.

Major Topics:
- Understanding the tax and non-tax issues in divorce.
- Understanding the tax and non-tax issues in personal bankruptcy, cancellation of debt, foreclosure, repossession, and reporting of bad debts.
- Understanding the tax and non-tax issues of personal relationship matters, such as living together, property rights, premarital agreements, filing status, exemptions, and dependents.
- Understanding the support issues for spouses and former spouses.
- Understanding support issues for children of divorced or separated parents and the tax treatment of back child support.
- Understanding the business issues involved when the parties to a business break apart.
- Special issues, such as marital property rules, married versus unmarried tax rate comparisons, head of household status, and treatment of refunds and deficiencies.

Learning Objectives:
Recognize tax and non-tax issues of various circumstances that a client classifies as bad situations.

Designed For: CPAs, EAs, attorneys, and financial planners.

CPE Credits: 8, Taxation

Level of Knowledge: Basic

Prerequisite: None

Acronym: BADX

Discussion Leader: Arthur Joseph Werner, J.D., M.S.