Financial Literacy

Fiscal Year: 2016

Chair: Kelly Ward

Liason: Kelly Ward

OBJECTIVES: 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy is a national effort of the CPA profession to improve the financial understanding of Americans. It provides a comprehensive approach to financial education, focusing on the information that people need to have for each stage of their lives from childhood to retirement.


Establish presentations for CPAs to educate the public and utilize in their business practice.
Presentations in the following areas were developed:
? Retirement
? Personal finance
? College
? Small business
? Fraud and internal controls for small business

Each member will tailor at least one presentation to fit the Alaska Society of CPA message for financial literacy.

The Alaska Society will provide this information for CPAs to use in presentations to the public and also for use in his/her practice. This will allow the Society members access to an incredible knowledgebase.

In addition, CPAs that have a target audience for a financial presentation will be provided with a financial literacy packet that is tailored to their presentation topic. This financial literacy packet will provide information for the participants and also have a few goodies to promote the AKCPA. The packet will also include a CD made for the participant to take home and to utilize the information presented.