Fiscal Year: 2016

Chair: Kristine Kennedy

Liason: Kristine Kennedy

OBJECTIVES: 1. Recommend legislative policies and goals to the Board of Directors and take necessary actions to achieve programs approved by the Board.

2. Develop and maintain a program, compatible with the established policies of the Society, which is designed to protect the integrity of the CPA certificate and
provide for the highest level of professional accounting practice to serve the public interest.


1. Review pending or proposed legislation affecting Alaska CPAs and determine appropriate action, which should be taken in accordance with Society policy.

2. Appear, when necessary, at meetings of the Alaska Legislature and testify on matters affecting the profession.

3. Initiate legislation in particular areas approved by the Society.

4. Coordinate local contact with legislators.

5. Study to determine for the Board of Directors the appropriate scope, standards, and objectives of the various types of audits of governmental units (financial compliance, and performance); evaluate the cost benefit to government, and propose legislation to the Legislature that supports these purposes.

6. Develop good public relations with legislators. Members throughout the state should report to the Society Board any local support given to legislators.

7. Inform legislators about the profession. (Work with Taxation Committee on Legislators Tax Guide.)

8. Seek interpretation of Statutes and Regulations from the State Board of Public Accountancy.

9. Have one meeting year per with the State Board in conjunction with the Ethics Committee.