Fiscal Year: 2016

Chair: Therese Sharp

Liason: Therese Sharp

OBJECTIVES: To assist members in maintaining and expanding their professional competence, to maintain liaison with Alaska members of Congress, the Alaska legislature, the Internal
Revenue Service, appropriate state and local taxing authorities and the AICPA Federal Taxation Division to work for needed reforms in tax legislation, and to review existing and proposed legislation and regulations and initiate action as required.


1. Maintain liaison with representatives of Internal Revenue Service for the purpose of resolving problems affecting the profession and the public interest in the Administration of the federal tax laws within the State of Alaska.

(a) The committee will develop agenda items for discussion at the liaison meeting with the Regional Commissioner each year. This activity will be coordinated with Federal Taxation Committees of the other Societies in the region.

(b) The committee will arrange a liaison meeting with the District Director. The committee will assemble and prepare agenda items to be submitted to the District Director for discussion at the liaison meeting.

Report to the membership (Newsletter) the results of each liaison meeting.

2. Develop a working relationship with the Federal Taxation Committees of the state societies within the Western region.

3. Develop liaison with the committee on Federal Taxation of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and render assistance to that committee, if practical.

4. Disseminate to the public and to members, information relating to taxation.

5. Provide speakers to other professional organizations on general interest tax topics.


1. Assist members to maintain competence.

(a) Disseminate information obtained by committee to general membership via Newsletter, special mailings, and at monthly social meetings.

2. Meet with the IRS Liaison twice yearly regarding problems encountered, specific agents, compliments and specific tax issues.

(a) Special mailings on reports of Liaison meetings.

3. Update Legislators Tax Guide

4. Educate the public through workshops and speakers bureau.

5. Continue technical exchange meetings.

6. Establish subcommittees.