K2's Hands-On With QuickBooks Online Accountant Webcast [HOQ4]

Jul 26, 2023
Time: 10:00am - 1:30pm


Computer Software & Applications

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Steve Yoss, CPA, MS    more info

Stephen M. Yoss, Jr., CPA, MS is a certified public accountant, the partner, and principal of Devmatics, LLC, a continuing education instructor for financial professionals, and a licensed pyrotechnician. While his interests and skills are varied, they all share a common thread—his love for and skill in finding technology-based solutions.

At age 10, Stephen began working with technology; he started his first IT company at just 13, which focused on designing web applications for local businesses. At 15, he began writing original computer code and has been designing and implementing technological solutions continuously since then.

Stephen is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University, with degrees in Accountancy and International Business. While at Loyola, he served the campus as student body president and as the student representative to the Board of Trustees. He has a Master's of Science degree in Information Systems and Technology from Claremont Graduate University with a concentration in Geographic Information Systems.

In 2017, Stephen formed Devmatics, a software development company that focuses on solving problems through the implementation of technology. Devmatics builds custom software, mobile apps, integration solutions, workflow automation, and more for all types of organizations. He specializes in taking on high-difficulty, mission-critical organizational issues that require technical expertise and an ability to find solutions to problems that no one else can answer. With all of his clients, he emphasizes the need to embrace technology at every opportunity and utilize the latest technological trends and breakthroughs to gain a competitive advantage while increasing efficiency and productivity.

Before starting Devmatics, Stephen worked as an accountant in his family’s practice, Yoss & Allen. At Yoss & Allen, he completely redesigned the firm’s technology practices and instituted a technological infrastructure to streamline the firm’s practices and allow them strategic flexibility. Many of the technologies, strategies, and concepts that Stephen uses himself (and consults companies on how to use) were designed, perfected, and implemented to help his family’s business and their clients. In addition to his time with Yoss & Allen, Stephen worked in New Zealand as a management accountant.

Since 2009, Stephen has also been teaching continuing professional education, providing written, webcast, in-house, and live instruction. He has presented to thousands of practitioners worldwide on topics such as cloud computing, mobile technology, Excel tips and best practices, data modeling and analysis, big data, information security, identity theft prevention, and more.

Stephen is also a professionally licensed pyrotechnician and works on major fireworks displays throughout the nation for Pyro Spectaculars, North America’s largest full-service fireworks display production company. He’s proud to have helped produce incredible displays, including the Macy’s July 4th Spectacular in New York City, the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, KGB Skyshow in San Diego, and many more.

Whether it’s teaching in the classroom, consulting clients in a boardroom, or shooting a fireworks display, Stephen brings passion, hard work, value—and above all else—technological expertise to each of his clients. With an open, honest approach, he creates a unique strategy for each client specifically designed to benefit their needs and streamline their operations to create efficiency and maximize their financial potential.

Stephen calls Big Bear City, CA, home; when he’s not at the desk, in a boardroom, at the podium, or producing a fireworks display, he spends as much time as he can pursuing his other passions. He is an avid music lover and attends multiple festivals each year. At the Burning Man, Stephen helps setup and produce pyrotechnic displays for the city. In Big Bear City, he regularly volunteers his time to perform various community services. He’s also an avid outdoorsman and regularly carves out time to scuba dive, camp, hike, and photograph both close to home with family and friends and on his many travels. 


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Full Description

K2s Hands-On With QuickBooks Online Accountant For Public Accounting Webcast (HOQ4)

July 26th, 2023 / 10:00 am 1:30 pm

Live Webcast / Zoom

Accountants who support QuickBooks Online clients often fail to take advantage of features designed to help them support their clients. In this session, you will learn about these tools and how to use them to serve your clients better and save time.

The number of accounting applications available today can be staggering for businesses with up to $15 million in annual revenue! In addition, Cloud-based solutions such as QuickBooks Online, Xero, Accounting Power, and Zoho are growing in breadth and depth. At the same time, traditional desktop and client-server applications continue to add more features, including hosted options. On top of all this, financial reporting and other add-on solutions can further complicate your decision about which tools you or your clients should use.

If youre interested in what QuickBooks Online (QBO) can do for you or your clients, this course is for you. In it, you will take a deep look into QuickBooks Online and the related QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) offering. In addition, you will learn about the various firm, staff, and client configuration options for getting the platform to work inside your organization. Specifically, this session focuses on configuration options for financial professionals to ensure you correctly set up your firm and client files. Additionally, you will learn about the various import/export options for getting your data into or out of QBO and some of the best 3rd party tools in the Intuit App Marketplace. Participants will leave this class supercharged with the knowledge of getting the most out of their QBOA subscription.

Major Topics:
- Understanding the different subscriptions available in QuickBooks Online
- Using the accountant-oriented features available in QuickBooks Online
- Best practices for configuring an instance of QuickBooks Online

Learning Objectives:
Upon completing this course, you should be able to:
- Outline the QBOA platform and the value to the CPA firm - specifically, the unique features and functions of QBOA
- Demonstrate the enhanced tools provided in QBOA, such as the client dashboard, Accountant Toolbox, and the Document Center
- Creating firm user accounts and client accounts for use within QuickBooks Online
-Evaluate the different methods of importing and exporting accounting data to and from QBO
- Evaluate the benefit and value of using the QBO thin client application on your Windows or Mac computer

Designed For: Accountants and business professionals who are interested in improving their QuickBooks Online skills

CPE Credits: 4, Computer Software & Applications

Level of Knowledge: Basic

Prerequisite: None

Acronym: HOQ4

Discussion Leader: Stephen M. (Steve) Yoss, Jr., CPA, MS