Recent Frauds Occurring In Not-For-Profit Entities & Governments [FNG4]

Aug 9, 2017
Time: 12:15pm-3:45pm


Government & Not-for-Profit

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Discussion Leader:

Gregory M. Clark, CPA    more info

Gregory M. Clark CPA is an author and discussion leader for LOSCALZO ASSOCIATES, P.A. and a Principal with the Business Compliance & Controls Group (BCCG) an accounting consulting firm specializing in employee benefit plan audits and compliance, internal controls auditing, consulting and assessments, and technical accounting training and consulting.

With extensive experience in the audit and business compliance field, Greg has participated in all aspects of employee benefit plan engagements; including plan audit and business risk assessments, plan internal control assessment and design, plan regulatory compliance, data retention management, and administrative contract compliance. BCCG provides technical accounting and auditing consulting services, quality control and effectiveness reviews and compliance assistance to CPA firms performing employee benefit plan engagements.

Greg is an internationally known speaker on the topics of employee benefit plans, technical accounting and auditing, operational auditing and internal controls evaluations, data retention management, organizational risk assessments and various other topics. Greg has worked with accountants and auditors from international companies throughout the world, many Fortune 500 companies, numerous local, regional, and national CPA firms, and for more than 40 State CPA societies.

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Full Description

Recent Frauds Occurring in Not-For-Profit Entities and Governments (FNG4)

August 9, 2017

Elgee, Rehfeld, Mertz Conference Room
9309 Glacier Highway
Juneau, AK

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When stories of fraud make the news, they can look so obvious after the fact. Regardless of whether the fraud was material, the media and the public frequently ask how the auditor and those within the entity could not have detected the fraud. Fraud can be very difficult to detect, particularly without the luxury of hindsight. In this course, we will look at over 20 frauds that recently occurred and with the luxury of hindsight study how they happened and perhaps how they could have been prevented or detected. The course materials utilize a highly illustrative and innovative format. Over a dozen focused exercises are included to provide an enhanced knowledge of fraud occurring in not-for-profit entities and governments.

Major Topics:
- Recent frauds that occurred in not-for-profit entities involving: the theft of cash; falsified billings; improper use of credit cards; the redirection of cash and non-cash contributions; conversion of assets; the redirection of benefits; grant related fraud; and travel and expense reporting fraud
- Recent frauds that occurred in governments involving: falsified applications for benefits; payroll fraud; vendor fraud; kickbacks; workers compensation and risk management frauds; purchase card abuse; providing government services for personal benefit; misappropriation of utility payments; and theft of assets
- Tools for fraud prevention and detection

Learning Objectives:
- Improve your awareness of real-world frauds occurring in not-for-profit entities and governments
- Implement useful fraud prevention tools
- Perceive how real-world frauds were actually discovered

Designed For: Auditors of not-for-profit entities and governments and industry professionals interested in preventing and detecting fraud

CPE Credits: 4, Auditing (Governmental)

Level of Knowledge: Intermediate

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of the not-for-profit and government environment

Acronym: FNG4

Discussion Leader: Gregory M. Clark, CPA