Principles of Tax-Everyday Tax Rules: Tips from 38 Years Webcast [PTAX]


Nov 12, 2021
Time: 8:30am - 4:00pm

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Non-member: $445.00

Discussion Leader: Greg White, CPA

Full Description

Principles of Taxation Everyday Tax Rules: Tax Tips from 38 Years in the Trenches Webcast (PTAX)

November 12th, 2021

Join Greg White, CPA and George Koutelieris, CPA as they cover important concepts you can use in your daily practice. Youll leave the course more comfortable with important principles that underly tax practice, purchases of a business and sales of a business.

Major Topics Covered:
- The Cohan rulededucting estimated expenses.
- Using reasonable allocations to avoid spinning your wheels on details.
- Using the primary purpose test to determine the nature of deductions.
- Avoiding phantom income.

Learning Objectives:
- Identify the availability of the Cohan rule to make reasonable estimates of expenses when no reliable evidence of the exact amounts.
- Use reasonable allocations to quickly complete tax returns.
- Maximize losses on the administration of an estate.
- Use written allocations to ensure that desired tax outcomes will be achieved.

Designed For: New and experienced CPAs and accounting professionals who practice in the tax area.

CPE Credits: 8, Taxation

Level of Knowledge: Basic

Prerequisite: None

Acronym: PTAX

Discussion Leader: Greg White, CPA & George Koutelieris, CPA