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Finance Director - listed March 20, 2019


1949 Gillam way


Lisa McDaniel

Job Description

Position Summary: Responsible for daily overall operations of the Finance Department for Thrivalaska which includes but is not limited to: grant reporting, accounts payable/receivable, monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports, budget development and monitoring, procurement monitoring, bank reconciliation, gaming, deposits, on-line banking, payroll, and tax payments. The Finance Director is expected to supervise and cross train the Assistant Finance Director and perform whatever duties are necessary to provide the highest quality financial management possible.

The Finance Director will manage state and federal grants along with tuition and fundraising for Thrivalaska programs: Head Start Birth to Five, thread Resource & Referral, thread Child Care Assistance, and a before/after school and pre-k program at Pearl Creek Elementary school.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:

Minimum Requirements:
1. BA in accounting, business, fiscal management or a related degree
2. Proficiency with Quick Books, Excel and Word
3. Prior fund accounting experience

Preferred Requirements:
1. CPA
2. Experience with State and Federal grant reporting
3. Head Start experience
4. Fundraising and fund development experience
5. Nonprofit experience

1. General knowledge, principles and techniques of financial management for a non profit organization
2. General administrative duties to include typing memos and correspondence, filing, copying, answering the telephone, distributing mail, and maintaining accurate records
3. Advanced competence with computer, calculator and telephone skills
4. Excellent organization and communication skills
1. Compliance with GAAP, all Thrivalaska policies, procedures and guidelines, HS Performance Standards, State Licensing Regulations, Uniform Grant Guidance
2. Participate during program self assessment and evaluation processes
3. Participate during Thrivalaska Community assessment activities
4. Support, implement and participate in program goal setting process to include strategic planning
5. Practice family centered and relationship based philosophy

1. Process all state and federal grant reports in a timely manner for Early Head Start, Head Start, thread, and CACFP:
a. Quarterly DOL worksite report
b. Quarterly and semi-annual HS/EHS 425 reports
c. Semi-Annual CACFP report
d. Annual application for CACFP by 9/1
e. Annual SAM registration
f. Quarterly taxes
g. Quarterly HS state reimbursements
h. Quarterly CCA and R&R reports
i. Annual gaming report by 6/30
2. Assist directors in developing program budgets, monitoring, reporting and forecasting fiscal trends, comparison of expenditures with budget amounts
3. Produce monthly financial statements for all Thrivalaska programs using the accrual method
4. Manage three fiscal years:
a. Company 10/1 through 9/30
b. State 7/1 through 6/30
c. Federal 2/1 through 1/30
5. Balance leave accrual for employees, and adjust savings account as follows:
a. Company 10/15
b. Thread 7/15
c. HS/EHS 2/15
6. Submit ALE small employer determination for health insurance by 1/31 annually
7. Renew DUNS registration annually
8. Renew SAM registration every 10 months
9. Process 1099’s, 1095, and 1096’s annually by 1/31
10. Efficiently process PMS requests, check requests, bank reconciliations, deposits, on-line banking, payroll, tax payments and quarterly reports
11. Monitor purchasing, investments, assets and equipment files
12. Gaming – process monthly pull tab taxes and annual gaming report
13. Produce Annual Report for the corporation in May annually
14. Submit CACFP audit reimbursement by 3/31 annually
15. Process monthly Admin Invoice and retirement
16. Process HS/EHS 424, 428, and 429 reports by 10/31 annually
17. Process bi-annual NPFS report for CCFP by 11/10 annually
18. Complete Workers Comp audit in October annually
19. Manage and monitor the Non-Federal share program for Head Start Birth to Five
20. Submit reports to policy groups on a monthly basis:
a. Fundraising
b. Capacity report
c. Financial overview
d. Budget to Actual
e. Loss Analysis
f. CCA tracking
21. Submit timely reports and collaborate with the independent CPA firm
22. Monitor and produce annual cost allocation plan
23. Attend monthly Finance committee meetings
24. Provide annual budgets for the Admin office and School Age program
25. Provide fiscal training as needed to the HS Policy Council and Board of Directors
26. Coordinate annual audit process, produce required reports, collaborate with auditing firm, and ensure the annual audit is completed in a timely and efficient manner
27. Keep Executive director informed of cash flow, deviations from budget, and expense projections
28. Maintain an effective filing system for all accounting records including source documentation, in-kind reporting, and cost allocation
29. Cross train with the Assistant Finance Director for maximum Finance department effectiveness for billing, collections, child care program monthly reports, fiscal reports, grant reports, and required corporation reports
30. Ensure compliance with all State and Federal regulations
31. Serve as a financial resource for all programs, management and executive staff
32. Continually seek out and process in-kind opportunities to include services and supplies
33. Follow procurement and accounting procedures
34. Provide procurement oversight and training in each program
35. Actively seek out ways to reduce program costs whenever possible
36. Report all suspected fraud activities

1. Directly supervise the Assistant Finance Director. Provide cross training, opportunities, guidance, support, counseling, evaluation and discipline as necessary.
2. Attend monthly leadership meetings
3. Assist in the development of procedures, policies or other projects when requested
4. Participate in creating and accomplishing staff development goals
5. Meet and actively pursue the minimum yearly training required for your position
6. Support the Executive Director and program directors in attainment of program goals and mission
7. Attend NIA AEYC annual conference, when possible share knowledge through hosting a workshop

1. Actively seek out partnerships with community members and agencies to enhance program services and resources
2. Enthusiastically promote all Thrivalaska programs
3. Participate in a minimum of one community event annually

1. Support and provide assistance for the work of the Board of Directors, Policy Council and advisory groups.
2. Follow the chain of communication.
3. Attend and report at BOD and PC meetings.
4. Serve as a resource to the BOD or Policy Council when developing or revising policies.

Submit resume's to Lisa McDaniel
Open until filled.
Position is being advertised community and corporate wide.
Contact Lisa McDaniel for application
For questions call Lisa McDaniel at 907-452-4267 x222
Email: FAX: 907-479-9035
Mailed or in person at: 1949 Gillam Way, Suite 209 Fairbanks, AK 99701

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